Surprise! We would like to offer you a wonderful, heartfelt gift that has been years in the making!

From November 21st through December 31st all programs can be downloaded by you for free. BlindAlive and Eyes-Free Fitness will be closing its doors on December 31st, 2018, and we want you to have access to accessible fitness choices.

This has been a tough decision for me to make. I have learned so much about myself and a thousand other things during the last five years, and I am so grateful for the support of my team and all of you. I have discovered that maintaining and growing such a company as this is more than I can handle, so the time has come to let it go. Over the last five years, 25 programs have been created with audio and text descriptions which are completely accessible. For the next few weeks you can download them and use them yourself or share them wherever you want. We are not taking e-mail addresses or any other information, so there is no need to worry that your information will be sold to another company. We want you to have fitness programs that you can use and that is all.

Everything on the Eyes-Free Fitness App will also be free, but the app may not be supported after December 31st. I encourage all app users to download what you want from this website so you will have continued access.

We will be discontinuing support after December 31st. You may still e-mail me at for the next few months.

We are including two new guided meditations which are specifically designed to help with weight-loss. There is one for the morning and one for the evening. I want to call your attention to these because they are brand new.

Creating these programs over the last five years has been purely a labor of love for me. I am not able to continue supporting it. With not a little trepidation, I am providing a donate button for those of you who feel called to show your appreciation for this body of work.

I am so grateful to all of you who have supported me, my team, and this work for the last five years. Thank you so much!

Upcoming blogs and Podcast 105 will have more details so stay tuned for that.

Good health to you,

There are continued costs in providing these downloads. If you are able to help out, a donation will be greatly appreciated.


All downloads are a ZIP containing all related files to the workout.