Welcome to our Partner Program page for Organizations, Service Providers and other Support Groups. On this page, we would like to share with you different paths to making BlindAlive programs available to your clients.

BlindAlive creates guided audio exercise programs with a focus on specific needs in the visually impaired community. BlindAlive programs are ideal to facilitate exercise in a group or individual therapeutic setting and to encourage participants to expand to a personal, individual exercise practice over time.

Facilitation helps participants move past obstacles to become more confident with a personal practice. The programs are designed so that while professional facilitation is helpful it is not a requirement for success and classes can also be supervised by professionals and other interested individuals.

BlindAlive continuously releases new programs based on client interests. There are currently over 20 exercise programs in our library. They are designed and curated by Mel Scott the founder of BlindAlive together with exercise professionals and professionally produced in recording studio quality. Programs are distributed as downloadable MP3 audio files and accompanied with transcriptions and instructions in PDF format. Programs are also available as CDs (select workouts), SD cards, or thumb drives. We offer bundles of multiple programs within an exercise category.

In addition, the BlindAlive website always offers a variety of useful information, samples, and descriptions.

BlindAlive is an authorized Federal Vendor. If you need an approved vendor status, please contact us

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to bring BlindAlive exercise programs to people who are visually impaired.

The following paragraphs describe the three different licensing options.

A Personal License is the standard license for private individuals who purchase programs solely for their own use and not for use in a professional setting. When your participants are ready to go out on their own practice, you can point them to our highly accessible homepage to choose their program. View Program Information

A Multi-Use-License is the standard licensing option for organizations, business entities, and service providers. Licenses are purchased by the organization, company or service provider and can be used by any single person within the purchasing entity. This license allows practitioners to hold an unlimited number of individual or group sessions whether these sessions are paid or unpaid.

The Multi-Use License is 10 times the personal-use price.
For example, the Multi-Use-License for our $47.99 Cardio Exercise Program costs $479.90
Programs for multi-use can be purchased on this page only

A Resale license is the standard licensing option for organizations, business entities and service providers that want to sell BlindAlive programs to their clients for individual use.

The easiest way to do this is through our affiliate program that reimburses the seller for their efforts with 30% of the sale price in commission payment. Affiliates receive a custom web-link that tracks sales and distributes sales commissions back to the vendor on a monthly basis. Sign Up for Affiliate Program

For custom offers to address your specific organizational needs, please contact us describing your requirements.

Multi-Use and Affiliate licensure is only available for our web-based programs and not for the BlindAlive iOS app.

Thank you for choosing BlindAlive


The following purchases are for licenses that allow practitioners to hold an unlimited number of individual or group sessions.

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