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98 - Functional Fitness

Dan Ritchie interview; BlindAlive news.

In this podcast, Mel has a fascinating discussion with Dan Ritchie about maintaining health and independence into old age with functional fitness. They talk about what it is, and give some sample exercises.

Dan, along with Cody Sipe, has authored the book Never Grow Old!: The Innovative, Easy to Follow Functional Aging Fitness Program that Increases Strength, Improves Balance, and Decreases Pain. It is available in various formats on Amazon. You can also visit the Functional Fitness Solution website to learn more about the work of Dan Ritchie.

Mel provides some news after the interview. This month’s featured workout is the Whole Body Stretch, which is available both on our website and in the Eyes-Free Fitness App. She also lets listeners know that new yoga workouts are coming. To stay up to date with all the latest information, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter.

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